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What do we offer employers?

Company cars can be acquired using various different types of finance. Fleet will always find you the most suitable type. We will stay on top of everything to do with your company cars and free up your employees’ time for other things. We can help you acquire both company cars and trade vehicles.

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How do we serve employees?

If your employer has outsourced their fleet management to us, then we are the people to ask any questions you have about company cars. Our FleetCare team is always happy to help, and often the quickest way to find the answer to your questions is through the Fleet Innovation app. You can download it from your phone’s app store. 

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Company car finance, user services and all things vehicle related

Fleet Innovation offers an outsourcing service for vehicle management where we take over everything to do with a business’s or organisation’s vehicle management. When collaborating with us, the company will only receive one monthly invoice for all their vehicles.

We make all vehicle-related costs more transparent, and we create realistic budgets for future spending. We also find the best ways for our clients to finance and acquire their company cars and support our clients in their green transition.

Our collaboration begins with a free survey to find out where savings could be made.

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