Practical matters during the contract period

Information about everyday matters

Fleet Innovation is in charge of all administration and guidance relating to your vehicle. Our Fleet Innovation app is the best place to find information about your specific car. We will also always remind you when inspections, tyre changes and regular maintenance is due.


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Driving abroad

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Regular maintenance and repairs

The car user is always responsible for ensuring that the maintenance listed in the car’s maintenance book is carried out. You will find car-specific details in the maintenance book, which is located in the glove compartment, or in the manufacturer’s maintenance manual, which can be found online.

Maintenance by our partner BiilaCare

We offer a convenient and timesaving booking and collection service through our partner BiilaCare. You can easily make a booking by clicking the button below.

Maintenance by other service providers

When cars administered by Fleet Innovation are repaired or serviced by some other service provider than BiilaCare, the service provider must request permission to invoice Fleet Innovation in advance through Fragus’ portal.
The service shop will request permission to invoice on behalf of the vehicle holder/user – the holder/user should not do this.

The shop can request permission to invoice once they have determined the fault, its cause, and the costs. This also applies to maintenance, tyre fitting and other work which will be invoiced to us.

Fragus’ portal

How can I get a courtesy car? What is the collection service?

You can get a courtesy car while your car is being serviced or book a collection service if this is included in you company’s car policy. Get in touch with our customer service team to get a courtesy car for longer repairs (such as damage repairs).

Seasonal tyres and tyre changes

Take a look at your employer’s car policy to find out what services and service providers have been listed for car tyres, tyre changes and seasonal tyre storage.

New tyres must be fitted at the latest when the tread depth is 4 mm for studded tyres or 5 mm for friction tyres. Find the approved tyre shops in your employer’s car policy and take your car for a tyre change. The tyre shop will ask the leasing company or Fleet Innovation for permission to replace the tyres.

The car user is responsible for ensuring that the tyre pressure is correct. You can find the optimal tyre pressure in the manual for your car.


The user must ensure that the car is inspected in line with vehicle inspection legislation. The car must be inspected for the first time when it is four years old. After this, the car must be inspected once every two years. Ten-year-old cars must be inspected annually.

If your car comes with a Fleet Innovation maintenance card, please present this at the inspection station, and the invoice will be sent directly to us. If your car has been leased with maintenance, please ask the inspection station to ask the leasing company or Fleet for payee details.

Book an inspection with our partner A-katsastus.

Parking as per the company's car policy

You can find out what has been agreed about parking in your employer’s car policy. If parking is included in the service we administer, you must sign up for the ParkMan service.

Taking your car abroad

If you are planning a trip abroad, the first thing to check is what your employer’s car policy says about taking your car abroad. If you are allowed to take your car abroad, you will need an export license and a Green Card. These documents are not needed in the Nordic countries, however.

The owner of the car will produce the export license. The Green Card is proof that your car has valid motor vehicle insurance.

Request these documents well ahead of your trip. You can order the export license and the Green Card either through the Fleet Innovation app or from our customer service team.

Technical part of the registration

When travelling abroad, it is a good idea to bring the registration certificate with you. These days, the registration certificate is not kept in the car as the Finnish authorities can find the details online. The vehicle holder can order the technical part of the paper registration certificate from Trafi.

Order a registration certificate.

Any more questions?

If you could not find the answer to your question on our website or in the Fleet Innovation app, please get in touch.