A company bike – a responsible way to reward your employees

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The company bike from the employer's perspective

Support the wellbeing of your employees
Cycling is a sport that suits many people, and it improves both the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. The environment also benefits when more people grab the handlebars rather than the steering wheel.

Part of the salary or on top of the salary
The benefit can be offered as part of the employee’s current salary, in which case their salary is reduced by €100 per month. The benefit can also be offered on top of the salary, in which case it constitutes a raise without any additional social premiums.

Small outgoings
A FleetBike company bike only costs the employer €15 per month per bike. The purchase price of the bike is taken out of the employee’s salary.

No extra administrative work
When you buy a bike through FleetBike we take care of all the bike-related admin directly with the employees.

Spreading the cost over several years
The purchase price of the bike is tax deductible up to €1200 per year. When working with FleetBike, the price of the bike is spread over a period that gives the employee the maximum tax benefit (€100 per month).

An equal benefit
The bike benefit is accessible to everyone; not just those who have a driving licence.

We calculate the cost of company bikes for the employer

If you are unsure about how much company bikes will cost the employer or you have any other questions on this topic, we recommend making an appointment with one of our experts. Use our appointment calendar to reserve a 15-minute Teams meeting. During the meeting we can work out an estimate for how much the company bikes will cost your organisation.

FleetBike testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about collaborating with us.

“We wanted to find an easy solution, and things had already worked well with Fleet Innovation in the past. All in all, working together to create a car and bike policy has gone smoothly. Fleet Innovation gave us the best practical tips in the matter, and our conversations have been very open. We were also told about the other side of the coin, which was worth taking into consideration when making decisions.”

Marit Telin, HR Director, Grano Group Oy

“We want to support the wellbeing and coping of our employees. Cycling is a good way to do this. When people commute by bike, they are simultaneously looking after their physical fitness and health.”

Marja Ahonen, Senior Business People Partner, Fortum

“I was pleasantly surprised that we went over the process and guidelines so thoroughly at the start. I was expecting a less detailed approach. Kudos to Fleet Innovation for that. The launch was a professional yet relaxed affair.”

Petri Koski, Production Unit Director, Promeco

Our clients

The company bike & the employer's bike policy

Whenever we start collaborating with a new organisation, we create a bike policy for them as shared guidelines which apply to all. The policy can include things like who will cover the excess on the bike insurance.

How can you introduce the FleetBike benefit at your company?

1. Book in an online meeting with us, fill out this form, call us or send us an email.

2. We will see you at the online meeting or get in touch to discuss the next step.

3. Based on our conversation we will create a bike policy for your company, and after this, your employees will have access to the bike benefit.

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