A company car with any type of finance

We will help you find the best contracts and take care of the administration.

If your employees spend a lot of time on the road it may be more cost-effective to offer them a company car instead of paying them a mileage allowance. By outsourcing the management of company cars to us, they will also not cause you any additional work. Our expertise can also save you money.

A company car as a limited or unlimited benefit?

You can offer your employees a company car as either a limited or an unlimited car benefit. A limited car benefit means that the employee covers costs related to the use of the car, such as fuel, insurance, maintenance and tires. If the car benefit is unlimited, then the employer covers all costs related to the company cars.

Our collaboration begins with a free survey to find out where savings could be made.

Electric company cars reduce the carbon footprint of your fleet

These days more and more businesses are choosing electric company cars. An electric company car reduces the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the business’s activities. This can also have a positive impact on the business’s ESG reporting.

In addition to procurement and management services, we also offer a comprehensive report on the carbon footprint of your business’s or organisation’s fleet.

Find out how we help businesses achieve greener driving.

Clear guidelines with a car policy

The business’s car policy defines under which terms and in which ways the business offers its employees company cars. The first thing we do when you decide to work with us is to create a car policy for your business where we incorporate your wishes and goals. This could include the condition that your business’s company cars must be electric.

We answer all your employees’ questions

When you outsource the management of your company cars to us, Fleet Innovation will become the place where your employees can ask anything to do with company cars. This frees up resources in your business for other things as we take care of the day-to-day vehicle management.

We will meet with you regularly, at least once a year, to go over any past and upcoming issues related to the company cars. In other, everyday matters your employees will be served by our FleetCare team and our Fleet Innovation app.

A full overview of vehicles and their costs in Fleet360

Our service always includes access to our software Fleet360. The software gives you an overview of all the vehicles of your business, their technical details, costs and historical data. The system offers various views and filters based on the specific data you require. You can even export a full year’s worth of invoices on separate lines in a spreadsheet.

Going forward you can make better decisions relating to company cars based on precise data.

Find out how we can help you with data-driven decision making.

Client testimonials

“The collaboration between Fleet Innovation and our entire organisation has been so effortless that we wanted to get company bikes from Fleet as well.”

Linda Väisänen
Web specialist, Helkama Velox

“We wanted to find an easy solution, and things had already worked well with Fleet in the past. Fleet gave us the best practical tips in the matter, and our conversations have been very open.”

Marit Telin
HR Director, Grano Group

“It’s easy to make changes to the agreement if the situation demands it. Ease was the reason I chose Fleet Innovation – all car-related matters are dealt with by one partner.”

Toni Kivinen

Country Manager, Aurora Innovation

Some of our clients

Fleet Innovation combines vision and experience

The services provided by Fleet Innovation are a unique combination of expertise, data, customer service and forward-looking forecasts. Fleet Innovation has a vast experience in this sector, and a clear vision of the direction in which business vehicle stock should be taken. Our company is fully Finnish-owned.

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