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Car services

Find out more about our fleet management services. Here you will also find our car-related instructions for employees.

Company bikes

Through us, employers can offer their employees the FleetBike company bike benefit. Here you will also find information for cyclists.

Who we are and what we do

Fleet Innovation is a Finnish expert on vehicle management. You can outsource the management of your organisation’s trade vehicles, company cars and company bikes to us. Our mission is to look at all the different areas of the client’s vehicle management and to create savings through a centralised, data-driven management solution.

We help our clients cut their transport emissions and build a greener fleet. We are the only company in Finland offering a vehicle management system, the actual vehicles, and client-focused service under one roof.

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We cut fleet costs and emissions.

Company bikes encourage low-emission transport

A company bike is an excellent way to encourage employees to exercise more and to use a low-emission means of transport. A company bike isn’t only for commuting – it can be purchased for any purpose. These days many people prefer e-bikes, which lower the threshold for cycling longer distances.

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A leasing contract, purchasing, and other types of finance

One part of our service is to find the type of car finance that is best suited to your specific business or organisation. Some of the options include a leasing contract, purchasing a car in the business’s name, or paying in instalments. Company bikes can also be purchased and listed on the balance sheet instead of leasing them. We will help you weigh up the options.

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Purchasing a VAT-free car for the business as a trade vehicle

If you want to purchase a tax-deductible vehicle for your business, the type of vehicle has an impact on the right of deduction. Passenger cars must only be used for business purposes. This makes it a trade vehicle. If the car is used at all for personal driving, it is no longer tax-deductible.

This means that if you want to buy a tax-deductible car for your business, it must be for business use only.

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A company car for all kinds of driving

It can often be cheaper for a business to offer their employees a company car instead of giving them a mileage allowance. The company car is always in the name of the business, and a contract is drawn up between the employer and the employee on how the car can be used.

The car benefit is a taxable benefit for the employee, which is taxed as wage income. When you acquire your company cars through us, we always create a car policy for your business which includes the business’s guidelines for company cars and the use of other vehicles.

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