About the FleetBike bike benefit for bike shops

A FleetBike can be purchased from any Finnish bike retailer.

FleetBike in a nutshell for bike shops

Employees can choose any bike
FleetBike allows employees to pick their company bike from any Finnish bike retailer.

Some accessories are included
In addition to the bike, the purchase price can include certain accessories, such as a lock, tyres and a helmet.

Invoices go to Fleet Innovation
When permission to invoice has been granted for the employee, you just need to hand over the bike and send your invoice to Fleet.

Easy maintenance
As an additional service we offer our clients maintenance contracts. We discuss these separately with the bike shops.

What do I do if my customer has come to buy a company bike?

1. Read the full instructions here (in Finnish). 

2. Once the customer has found the right bike, you will contact us by email for permission to invoice by email fleetbike@fleet.fi.

3. Once permission has been granted, you can hand over the bike to the customer and send us your invoice according to our instructions that we have sent you with the invoicing permission email.

Fleet is a Finnish company

We are a fully Finnish-owned, financially sound and growing company. There are already nearly 50,000 employees in Finland who are entitled to a company bike through us.

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