Getting a FleetBike company bike

1. Fill out the form

The contract will be sent to you and your employer’s representative for an e-signature.

By signing the agreement you are committing to adhere to your employer’s company bike policy and to the FleetBike terms and conditions.

Filling out the form does not yet mean you have committed to the bike purchase.

Remember to use your work email.

FleetBike acquisition form

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Please fill in all the fields with correct information. Otherwise we won't be able to process your acquisition application.



Use your work email, if possible. In other cases, your personal email.
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2. Sign the agreement

Fleet will check with the HR department of your employer that you are entitled to a company bike. Once this has been verified, Fleet will send you an electronic agreement to sign in SignSpace.

3. Go bike shopping

Once you have signed the agreement you will receive an email with instructions for you and the bike shop.

Now you can go shopping in any Finnish bike shop.

4. Wait for permission to invoice

Once you have chosen your bike, the bike retailer will contact Fleet for permission to invoice. This usually takes 2–4 working days.

5. Collect your new bike

Once the retailer has received permission to invoice, they will invoice Fleet and hand over the bike. (Some retailers want to be able to see the payment in the system before they release the bike, which means a slightly longer wait for the bike.)


Happy cycling!

Our customer service team is happy to help

Do you have any general questions about the company bike benefit? Our FleetBike team is happy to help.

Or do you want to ask practical questions about FleetBike? Get in touch with our customer services.