A business lease car, or some other solution?

We will find the best solutions for businesses’ vehicle stock and administer the whole fleet.

As its name suggests, Fleet Innovation offers innovative solutions for the management of business vehicles. You can outsource everything to do with your vehicles to us, and we will compile all the information in our Fleet360 software. We also find the best possible contracts for our clients in terms of both car finance and everyday car use.

Fleet Innovation’s services in a nutshell

Transparent fees for business cars

Fleet Innovation compiles all the bills related to corporate cars. Going forward, we will take care of everything to do with the billing for your business vehicles, and you will only receive one monthly invoice.

A greener fleet

We will help you find more eco-friendly options for your vehicle stock. Our flexible contracts also allow you to adjust the fleet when needed.


By using our services, you will save up to 20% on your business vehicles. We will find you the best contract for car finance and everyday vehicle maintenance, for example.

Saved working hours

Outsourcing all your car-related matters to us will free up your employees’ time for other work.


Our software Fleet360 gives you a clear overview of your vehicle stock and the related costs.

Professional service

Our team of experts is here for you and your employees in all car-related issues. Your employees have access to our Fleet Innovation app.

Our collaboration will begin with a free survey to find out where savings could be made.

In need of a new car? Is business leasing the only option?

Fleet is not a finance company. Instead we will find you the best options and contracts. Many people think that the only way to acquire a car for a business is by leasing one, specifically leasing with maintenance. This is not always the case – there are many options.

We help you build a greener fleet

Businesses and organisations are getting more and more ambitious in their climate goals. One simple way to reduce the emissions of a business is to swap their fleet for zero emission vehicles. We can help.

Data-driven decision-making

Many businesses or organisations may have had to make decisions about their cars based on a gut feeling as there has been no clear and trustworthy data to use. Fleet Innovation’s software offers up-to-date and correct data to support your decision-making.

Public sector services

We also specialise in managing the vehicle stock of various organisations in the public sector. Whether we are working with a municipality, a city or a wellbeing services county, what we bring to the table is our experience of public sector tendering and our views on the best practices for fleet management.

A car policy summarises the ground rules for car use in your organisation

Whenever we take on a new client, we start by creating a car policy for the organisation. The car policy is a tool which both the management and the employees can use in their car-related decision-making and in their everyday car use.

The car policy can help the organisation to reach its goals for a green fleet or reducing costs, for example.

Client testimonials

“The collaboration between Fleet Innovation and our entire organisation has been so effortless that we wanted to get company bikes from Fleet as well.”

Linda Väisänen
Web specialist, Helkama Velox

“We wanted to find an easy solution, and things had already worked well with Fleet in the past. Fleet gave us the best practical tips in the matter, and our conversations have been very open.”

Marit Telin
HR Director, Grano Group

“It’s easy to make changes to the agreement if the situation demands it. Ease was the reason I chose Fleet Innovation – all car-related matters are dealt with by one partner.”

Toni Kivinen

Country Manager, Aurora Innovation

Our clients

Fleet Innovation combines vision and experience

The services provided by Fleet Innovation are a unique combination of expertise, data, customer service and forward-looking forecasts. Fleet Innovation has a vast experience in this sector, and a clear vision of the direction in which business vehicle stock should be taken. Our company is fully Finnish-owned.

The FleetCare team cares about your employees

Our customer service team FleetCare specialises in taking care of the trickiest of issues that employees may face regarding their company cars or trade vehicles. Our FleetCare team is at your service every day during office hours. Users also have access to our Fleet Innovation app, which offers answers to their questions around the clock.

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2. We will see you at the online meeting or get in touch and discuss the next step, which is a free survey of your current situation.

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