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Leasing with maintenance is a popular way to lease a car for a business in Finland. It is also considered a safe option as the costs are seemingly known for the full contract period.

However, Fleet Innovation can offer a more cost-effective option and acquire leased cars for your business at a lower cost. We will also find out whether leasing is actually the best option for your business or organisation.

Choose the most suitable type of finance

Ownership listed on the balance sheet

Paying in instalments

Finance leasing

Leasing with maintenance


Leasing with maintenance is not always the safest and most affordable option

The costs of leasing with maintenance have often been bundled into a fixed monthly fee, which makes it impossible to compare costs. Fleet Innovation takes the opposite approach: we make all costs transparent for the businesses and organisations. This transparency can reduce the costs by up to 20 percent when the type of finance is switched from leasing with maintenance to something more affordable.

Finance leasing is often the most affordable option

Businesses are sometimes afraid of finance leasing as there are unexpected car maintenance costs to pay on top of the monthly leasing fee. However, Fleet Innovation makes it easy to foresee maintenance costs and other car-related expenditure in the budget.

We are generally good at sticking to our estimated budgets, which often makes finance leasing the most affordable type of finance when leasing a car. Leasing with maintenance often gives the service provider a high margin, and this is why finance leasing is often the more affordable option when a business is leasing cars.

With us you will only pay for actual car use rather than paying for nothing.

Leasing with maintenance vs finance leasing

Leasing with maintenance

Maintenance included in the monthly fee

Pre-agreed mileage allowance

Seasonal tyre changes included

No insurance included

No fuel included

Client does not benefit from residual value at the end of the contract

Finance leasing

Maintenance not included in the monthly fee

No mileage allowance

No tyre changes included

No insurance included

No fuel included

Client is in charge of residual value at the end of the contract (disbursed or debited)

We administer all the vehicles of the business or organisation

Whether your business is using a car, a large van, a bike or a boat, we can take care of the administration of them all. We don’t care what type of fuel the vehicle uses, how many wheels it has or what make it is. We also don’t mind which type of finance was used to acquire the vehicle – whether it is a leased car or perhaps a hire car.

We optimise our contracts for the most suitable combination

As well as choosing the type of finance, we will also optimise all other contracts related to maintaining vehicles in order to create the most affordable service package to suit your specific needs. We will help you choose a partner for things like car maintenance and tyre services. We can also help arrange grass-roots services such as fuel cards, parking apps and insurance.

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