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From outsourcer to comprehensive service provider


Fleet Innovation was founded in 2007. Initially, the purpose of the business was to help clients shop around for services related to company cars. The costs of services varied a great deal, and through active tendering, Fleet was able to achieve significant savings for its clients.


In 2017 there was a change of ownership at Fleet Innovation. At the time, Fleet employed 10 people and managed more than 3,000 company cars. During the ownership change at the end of the 2010s, general company car use and the needs of our clients began to change. Clients wanted more electric cars and flexible usage.


In 2020 we started to offer company bikes alongside our vehicle services. The FleetBike concept was born. These days we are one of the largest providers of company bikes, and unlike many of our competitors we are fully Finnish-owned.

7 000

Motor vehicles managed by Fleet Innovation*

40 000

People entitled to a FleetBike*

* figures correct as of autumn 2023

Our services today

We are constantly improving our services, and our business has grown year over year. We have now reached a point where we are the only service provider in Finland offering both company car services and company bike solutions, as well as a fleet management software and a mobile app.

We measure our success regularly, and the members of Fleet Innovation team are highly committed to doing their very best for our clients. We have invested heavily in online services, but also in customer service offered by real people.

The main focus of our work is always the best interests of our clients. The purpose of our service is to create savings for our clients – in terms of costs, time, and emissions.

55 %

Percentage of vehicles we manage that are zero emission or low emission

Responsibility is a natural part of our business

In addition to aiming to help our clients make eco friendly choices when it comes to their fleet, environmental responsibility is also part of our own business activities. We invest in zero emission transport methods for our own employees, especially company bikes.

We are also a responsible employer who looks after the wellbeing and mental health of our staff in many different ways. We offer our employees different kinds of employee benefits and extensive occupational health care. We also encourage our employees to exercise and look after themselves through various themed days and benefits that support exercise.

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