Effective, data-driven vehicle management

The Fleet360 software gathers all data in one place

The cornerstone of Fleet’s services is its own vehicle management system Fleet360. As the name suggests, the system gives a 360-degree view of the entire fleet for a specific period, for example. We will always train our clients in using the system when they implement it.

This is Fleet360

Compiled data

Fleet360 gathers and arranges different kinds of data based on personalised choices. This could be all costs for the fleet, fuel types for the various vehicles, or emissions for a specified period.

Integrations to other devices and interfaces

If a car has a GPS tracker, for example, this can be integrated into Fleet360. Car dealerships can also enter data into the system via their interface if required.

Detailed data

The software also offers very detailed data on individual vehicles or drivers. The cost view can also be filtered to show all costs related to the vehicle management on separate lines.

Administration of other devices included

Other devices and machinery that the company uses, such as lawnmowers and trailers, can also be added to Fleet360.

Exporting data into Excel

The data contained in the system can be exported to Excel as individual lines or structured groups of data. Users can also send data directly as a message to a chosen recipient.

Reservation calendar for shared cars and machines

If the company has vehicles or other machines which are shared, we can create an easy-to-use reservation calendar for these.

TCO in one system

We automatically offer the Fleet360 system to all our vehicle management clients. At the start of our collaboration we gather all car-related data and contracts and enter them into our system. This means that you will end up with only one single invoice for all car-related costs every month. This will also mean that you can see the TCO of the company’s full fleet in one place.

Catch cost variance quickly

One of the benefits of the Fleet360 system is how quickly it can catch cost variance. If the car-related costs don’t match the budgeted amount, we will investigate to find the cause. The system can also show all vehicle management costs line by line.

Data-driven decision-making

When your company or organisation needs to update its fleet, Fleet360 makes it easier to make data-driven decisions. The system offers comparable historical data for example on the costs of vehicles using a specific type of fuel. You can also compare vehicle makes and models, for instance.

Versatile filters and reminders

The system allows you to filter the views in many different ways. This allows the user to see exactly the data they are interested in. The filters can also be saved for future use.
You can also set up different kinds of reminders for different parameters. Our customer services team will also keep an eye on notifications so that they can remind users about things like upcoming inspections well ahead of time.

Fleet Innovation app and QR codes for users

We have created the Fleet Innovation app for our users. The app can be downloaded from app stores, and users can use it to manage everything to do with their daily car use. The app also contains information on how to deal with issues that may arise.

If a user is required to record any data related to their car use, we can create QR codes for this which can be displayed on the dashboard of the car, for instance. We can also create personalised QR codes for the users for filing damage reports, among other things.

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