Management of trade vehicles

Fleet Innovation can manage your entire fleet on your behalf

Fleet Innovation can help you acquire all the trade vehicles your business needs with the most cost-effective type of finance and the best contract. Fleet Innovation will find the solutions that suit your situation best and manage your entire fleet. Whether you need to lease a van, lease a truck or purchase electric cars to be listed on the balance sheet, we will find you the best package.






Quad bikes etc.

Flexible van leasing for your business

Leasing a van for your business is a good way to acquire a trade vehicle if you don’t have a lot of initial capital. Even if the van is not listed on the business’s balance sheet, leasing contracts often allow complete customisation of vehicles in terms of things like accessories and decals. This usually also applies when leasing a truck.

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Van leasing with maintenance or finance leasing?

If you have decided to acquire a new van for your business via a leasing deal you might wonder which is better, van leasing with maintenance or finance leasing? Van leasing with maintenance includes vehicle maintenance, tyre services and often also car accessories as part of the total price. It might be tempting to have a fixed monthly fee, because this way the TCO can seem easy to anticipate.

We would, however, recommend to also look at the option of finance leasing as a way of financing your van. With Fleet, the total cost of a van can be anticipated and budgeted for – and often it is also more affordable than the contracts for van leasing with maintenance.

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Vehicle accessories based on your needs

Whichever type of finance you choose, the accessories that come with the vehicle is one of the most important points to consider. We can help you get the accessories and extras you need for your new vehicle to make your life as easy as possible.

Manage other kinds of machinery in Fleet Innovation’s system

When a business outsources the management of its trade vehicles to Fleet Innovation it will get access to Fleet360. This system gives you a full overview of all your vehicles. In addition to trade vehicles and company cars, the software can also be used to administer any other types of commercial machinery that the business owns, such as trailers and lawnmowers.

We can also create a booking calendar for shared vehicles and machinery which allows your employees to reserve the vehicles or machines they need when they need them.

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A green fleet of commercial vehicles

We specialise in helping businesses and organisations reduce their carbon footprint by creating a greener fleet. We will find you cost-effective contracts for low-emission or zero-emission commercial vehicles, regardless of fuel type.

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