How to get a company car

You pick the car, we do the rest

When you are upgrading to a new company car or getting your first company car with your current employer, we will take care of most of the administration.

Process for acquiring a company car

1. Read your employer’s car policy to find out what criteria have been defined for new company cars.

2. Use these criteria when considering what kind of car you would like. At this point you can also get in touch with us, and we will help you find a suitable car.

3. Book a test drive through our website.

4. Decide on a car and tell us which one you have chosen. We deal with ordering the car and keeping your employer informed.

5. If your employer’s car policy allows it, you will get a courtesy car while you wait for the car you have chosen.

6. We can arrange for the new car to be delivered to your home or you can collect it from the dealership, whichever you prefer. If needed, we will also order a fuel card or other payment method for you, based on what is stated in your employer’s car policy. If you are upgrading an existing company car, we will let you know how to deliver it to us.

7. Download the Fleet Innovation app on your phone if you don’t have it already. On the app you can find everything you need for everyday car use and in case of accidents, for example.

I know what car I want

When you know what car you want, or you have narrowed it down to a few options, you can visit our partner dealership to test drive the car. Book your test drive through us, and we will start the process of getting you a company car.

Let us know on the booking form under “Other” if you have already chosen a car make, model and accessories.

Benefits of using our partner dealership

Once you have received your order confirmation, you can relax while waiting for the car dealership to notify you of the delivery date. By using our partner dealership to deliver your car, you can ensure that all the information relating to the delivery of your car will come through without a glitch, you will receive guidance on using the car, and the handover will be smooth.

Any questions?

Please get in touch if you can’t find the answer to your question on our website or if you want help with ordering a company car.