How to make your fleet greener

We cut down on our clients’ costs and emissions

One important aspect of our service model is supporting our clients in their green transition. If a business or organisation offers company cars or uses trade vehicles, the quality of these vehicles has an impact on the business’s carbon footprint.

We will help you find the best option to support your climate goals.

Electric car leasing with maintenance is just one of many options

When a business or an organisation wants an electric car, electric car leasing with maintenance may feel like a tempting option to acquire it. However, here at Fleet we want to remind you that it is just one of many options.

Find out how we can help you find the best type of finance for your vehicles.

Could your next van be powered by gas?

Diesel vehicles have gained the reputation of being the bad guys when it comes to the climate. In addition to carbon dioxide, they also produce NOx emissions, i.e. nitrogen oxide pollution, which is linked to respiratory symptoms and eye irritation.

There are, however, alternatives to diesel for heavy goods vehicles. These days there are gas-powered trucks and vans. When the vehicles are powered by biogas instead of natural gas, the greenhouse gases produced throughout the lifetime of the vehicles are dramatically reduced.

A clear emissions report

We produce a clear and concrete emissions report for our clients on the emissions caused by their fleets. Our reporting and calculation models adhere to the GHG protocol. The report visualises the number of vehicles being powered by different types of fuel, and you get one simple figure to express the carbon dioxide emissions of the entire fleet.

This report can easily be used in the company’s own ESG reporting or in the life cycle costing of a specific area, for instance.

A car policy to support a greener fleet

If a business has clear targets to reduce its carbon footprint, we will take this into account in the car policy. In the car policy we will define the business’s or organisation’s steps for managing the fleet. It can also include targets for improving the fleet, for example if all new cars that are acquired must be electric. The car policy that is created for the company is updated annually or as needed.

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