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Fleet Innovation Oy

Technopolis Innopoli 3 Espoo
Vaisalantie 6, 02130 Espoo

09 6898 8460

Staff email addresses follow the format


09 6898 8460

Our team is available weekdays 9 am – 3 pm.

E-invoice address: 003720988984
Intermediary code: E204503

Business ID: 2098898-4


E-mail invoices


Paper invoices
Fleet Innovation Oy
PL 10496

When vehicles managed by Fleet Innovation are repaired or serviced, the service provider must request permission to invoice in advance through Fragus’ portal.

The service shop will request permission to invoice on behalf of the vehicle holder/user – the holder/user should not do this.

The shop can request permission to invoice once they have determined the fault, its cause, and the repair costs. This also applies to maintenance, tyre fitting and other work which will be invoiced to us.

Click here to be taken to Fragus’ portal (in Finnish).

Jarkko Vuorenmaa
Account Manager
050 338 0354


Ari Pörsti
Account Manager
040 593 8867


Pekka Paulakannas
Account Manager, public sector
0400 154 337


Ronnie Soilas
Sales manager
040 734 7877

Henrik Arvonen


Sanna Korte
Commercial Director


Lasse Hätinen
Operational Director, Head of Customer Service

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