Company bike with FleetBike

Get the bike you’ve always dreamt about

What is a company bike?

New bike without savings
With company bike benefit you can get the bike of your dreams without paying anything yourself directly. You can get a new bike and pay less taxes.

Choose your bike
You can choose the model of your bike freely and buy it from any Finnish store. The price of the bike determines the length of your leasing contract.

Pay less taxes

Company bike or employer-provided bicycle is an employee benefit, free of income tax. The tax benefit is up to €1,200 per year (€100/month). 

Easy maintenance
All bikes acquired through FleetBike are insured. In addition, we offer service agreements as supplementary service.

How to acquire a FleetBike company bike?

When your employer has a contract with FleetBike, you can start acquiring your new bike.

1. Read you employer’s Bike benefit policy. After that, fill in our acquisition form.

2. After you’ve submitted the form, we’ll confirm the acquisition right from your employer. After it has been confirmed, we will send you a commitment document to sign through SignSpace service.

3. After signing the commitment document, you will recieve instructions by email for yourself and the bike dealer store.

4. Now you can go to the stores and start looking for a bike. If you’d like to order a Canyon bike, read more detailed instructions below.

5. After you’ve chosen the bike you want, the dealer store will ask for permission to invoice Fleet Innovation. Responding to the inquiry takes normally from 2 to 4 working days. In high season, the delay can be even longer. For example, spring is a busy season for bike acquisitions and there are many people trying to do the same as you.

6. When the dealer store has the permission to invoice Fleet, it sends the invoice to Fleet and gives the bike to you. (Some stores expect having received the payment before handing out the bike which slightly prolongs the waiting time.)

Getting a Canyon bike

If you’d like to have your company bike from Canyon brand, it is possible. However, you need to order the bike through Fleet Innovation customer service. Before starting the acquisition, remember to fill in our acquisition form.


If you want to order a bike that costs over €4,000, you need to pay the exceeding amount yourself. The maximum price limit is €6,000. We’ll invoice for the difference after we have ordered the bike.


Read complete instructions to ordering a Canyon bike

Test how the employer-provided bicycle benefit effects your salary

Enter your gross salary and tax rate in the calculator, and it gives you an estimation how the employer-provided bicycle benefit will affect your net salary. Employee’s tax benefit is up to €1,200/year.

The taxable value of the bicycle is always €100/month until the end of the contract. The length of the contract depends on the price of the bicycle and acquired accessories.

Monthly gross salary without benefit
Your tax rate %
Monthly gross salary including benefit 0
Tyel 7.15 %
Työttömyysvakuutusmaksu 1.50 %
Employer-provided bicycle benefit 100
Tax withholding of your salary 0
TyEL contribution 0
Unemployment insurance contribution 0
Tax withholding of your salary (with benefit) 0
Net salary without benefit 0
Net salary with benefit 0
Reduction of net salary 0
Notice that the result given by the calculator is an estimate.


You can shop at any bike dealer that has a Finnish business ID. You can also use the Canyon online store and order your Canyon bike through our customer service.

You can get a mountain bike, a fatbike, a city bike or any kind of bike that best suits your needs. Please note the limitations set by the tax authority on the power levels of electric bikes: no more than 250 W and 25 km/h.

You can include a potential delivery fee and certain fixed accessories, such as a helmet, a lock, winter tires or statutory bike lights in the procurement price. Clothing, footwear or GPS/distance trackers cannot be included in the procurement price.

The company bike benefit comes from the employee’s salary. Compared to personally buying a bike from a dealer, the bike benefit will save you 20–40% of the bike’s purchase price.


For example, a bike costing EUR 4,000 with a 48-month contract will cost the employee about EUR 2,880 due to the tax-free nature of the benefit. At the end of the contracting period, you can redeem the bike by paying 5% of the purchase price (in this example, EUR 200).


When the contracting period ends, the employee can decide whether to redeem or return the bike or whether to acquire a new company bike.


The reduction of your net salary is influenced by various factors, such as direct taxation, municipal tax and church tax. Each employee can contact the tax authority for a report on their personal taxation before deciding to use the benefit.

You are in charge of the bike’s maintenance. You can choose to perform the maintenance yourself. You can also conclude a personal maintenance contract with an appropriate shop or take the bike for maintenance at a shop of your choice whenever necessary.

All the bikes are insured. The insurance covers fire, breakage, vandalism and theft. The insurance is valid in Finland.


When the bike is not used, it must always be locked to a fixed, immovable structure or object by its frame.


If your bike gets stolen, report it immediately to the police. 


Report all thefts and accidents to the bike to also immediately.


Write us:
1. What happened
2. Where and when the incident took place
3. The information of damaged/stolen property (brand, model)
4. The value of damaged/stolen property (receipt or other document about the acquisition price of the bike and its equipment) or the possible invoice for repair work done on the bike. 
5. In thefts, send us a copy of the report of an offence. (Usually it covers the sections 1-3, and you don’t need to send us the same information twice.)

Our customer service is here for you

For any further questions regarding FleetBike company bike, do not hesitate to contact us via email: