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Centralize all your company’s movement solutions into one: you save time, money, and effort.

We build custom contracts and a bundle of service offerings for company cars and bikes. Customer’s benefit always in mind.

We make moving around easy; our goal is 100 % customer satisfaction.

Drive and ride. We take care of the rest.

Through us, you get a wide range of services, aimed to ease company motoring and movement. We personalize our services to accommodate your needs.

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The most flexible leasing

Ever changing circumstances create a need for flexibility. We offer market’s most flexible leasing car service you can easily detach from – the cancel fee is settled beforehand.

For responsible movement

We calculate your current carpool’s CO2 emissions, set common goals and schedules for lowering the emissions and monitor the progress on your behalf.

Fleet Realization

Time to change a car? Leave your old vehicle’s realization to us. We find the best possible price for your car and make sure it is forwarded to our partners.

Maintain services

We take care of all important and required maintenances proactively together with our partner; Alppilan Autohuolto, whenever it suits the user. Service includes interior and exterior car washes, free of charge.

Charge at home or at work

With Bravida, we enable charging equipment easily at your doorstep, available for workplace and home. Our clear pricing model guarantees there will be no hidden expenses.

Foresight creates certainty

You can check your car’s retail price with FleetProfit – in advance. The price can be fixed for up to 12 months in advance, and the car can be surrendered whenever it suits the user.

FleetPark: Park with ease

We provide easy and cost-efficient parking for our business clients via ParkMan. There are two options depending on needs: Premium and Flex.

Fleet360: manage your fleet

Do you need a sensible system to control your company’s fleet? Fleet360 is a system developed by professionals, so that managing your fleet is a piece of cake.

Agile bike benefit

Provide an unbeatable employmentbenefit for your employees: choose the agile and easy bike benefit. We tailor the entire service to fit your needs and manage everything for you – with one invoice.


Through FleetBike, the employee chooses the most suitable and preferred leasing bike from any Finnish bike shop. The income tax-free bike is always insured for the duration of the contract. At the end of the contract period, the employee can redeem the bike for himself with only 5 % counted from the purchasing price.

  • We will build an employment bike policy model for your company that records any limitations and responsibilities.
  • After that, we do everything with one contract for you: we manage the bikes, provide tax value information and uptime and answer employee questions at customer service.
  • The employee chooses a suitable bike from any store, the price range with all equipment is 600–4000 €. The bike is immediately available, and the process does not burden the employer.
    • The bike is funded by Fleet Innovation. Every FleetBike leasing contract starts on the first day of  next mont, no extra daily rentals to be  charged.
    • The tax value of the bike is always 100 €. The contract period lives according to the purchase price of the bike. At the end of the contract period, the cyclist can redeem the bike for 5% of the purchase price (Min. 124 €).
    • The employee commits to the bike for the contract period; it is under users responsibility to maintain the bike properly according to the need and use of bike  and instructed by dealer.
  • The optional bike always includes insurance, which includes security against vandalism, fire, breakage, or theft. The deductible is 300 €. The insurance covers the financier’s rental receivables when the bike isn´t repairable or gets stolen.
  • As an additional service, we also take care of the bike’s maintenance and winter storage.


Tax benefit ensures affordable bikes for employees.


Biker’s tax free benefit is 1200 €/year and 100 €/month. You save 10-40% compared to buying the bike with net salary.


You can freely choose the model of your bicycle and the store you want to purchase from in Finland.


All bikes acquired from FleetBike contain insurance.

How to use FleetBike:

  • Fill our FleetBike acquisition form to start the acquisition process. Please use your work e-mail address if possible.  If you don’t have a work e-mail, personal e-mail address works as well. 
  • Fleet Innovation ensures the acquisition right from your employer’s HR department. After ensuring the right for the employment bicycle, Fleet Innovation will send the commitment contract for the user to be electronically signed.
  • After signing the contract, you will receive the instructions and information for the bike dealer.
  • Now you can shop at the domestic bike dealer of your choice.
  • When you have selected the desired bike, The dealer will ask the permission for invoicing from Fleet Innovation Oy. This might take 1–2 weekdays.
  • When bike dealer has received the billing authorization, they will send the invoice to Fleet and hand out the bike for the user. Some of the shops want to secure their invoincing receivables (see the payment on their account before delivering the bike), which might slightly prolong the waiting time with couple of weekdays.


Where can I get a bike?

Any domestic bike dealer.

What kind of a bike can I have?

Any kind. Fatbike, MTB, streetbike etc. Please notice the limits for an electric bike set by the tax authority, max. 250 W ja 25 km/h.

Can I include equipment to acquisition price?

Acquisition price can include possible delivery costs and fixed equipment such as a helmet, lock, other tires, or headlights. Clothes, shoes, or gps-systems etc. are not allowed to be included in the price.

How much do I pay for the benefit?

The reducing of your net salary is affected by a few things. For example, the amount of your gross salary, your tax percent etc. You can ask your tax authority for detailed information.

How do I service the bike?

You are in charge/decide how to maintain your bike. You can service the bike by yourself or take it to a bike service store of your choice. Always remember to take good care of your bike and keep it locked properly.

What if my bike is stolen?

Insurance is included in the price. Insurance covers theft, fire, vandalism, and fragment of the bike. Deductible value is 300€. Insurance is valid in Finland and covers the financing of the bike. Any defects during the warranty period must be dealt with the dealer as soon as possible.

We kindly remind you to lock the bike carefully and take proper care of your bike and regular maintenance (always lock the bike to solid structure and keep locked in a storage also).

By taking care of your bike, you ensure that the bike stays in good condition during and after the whole leasing-period.

Have nice moments with your new bike!

For any further questions regarding to FleetBike, do not hesitate to contact us via email: